Saturday, April 29, 2006

Love 208

The Purdy Street News-Love from 208, Saturday April 29, 2006Volume 3, #621

Dear Everyone:

That Volume 3, #621 does not mean a thing I just see it on other publications so thought it might look good on Love from 208 and sort of be an upgrade We have been publishing since 1998 when we got a new computer so guess we have done about 400 or so letters during that time. What we enjoy is hearing from you all and your memories of the Sumter you grew up in. We are going to start today with a history of the Logan Car that many of you all are familiar with. Will edit it some---story was sent to us by Gordon Logan who is now in Texas his brother is Joey and they had a sister named Agnes now deceased. Mr. Logan was well known in Sumter(had Scottish Burr) and Mrs.. Logan was well known for her public service served a good many years on the school board the time for all of this would be Sumter in the 40s-50s and 60s

The car (#232,811) was purchased from Gibbes Machinery Co. in Columbia, SC in October 1928 for $3,650 by my father, Joseph E. Logan of Sumter, SC. This was one of the last 443s built, with #232,815 being the last serial number produced in July 1928 before production was switched to the new 645 series. My father was an immigrant from Scotland (1919) and worked for Korn Industries, Inc./Sumter Hardwood Co. in Sumter. He had come south from Cincinnati with Mr. Korn in 1921 to set up sawmills in Augusta and Sumter; the one in Augusta was subsequently closed, and the Sumter sawmill eventually evolved into Sumter Cabinet Company, which for many years manufactured some of the countries finest hardwood bedroom furniture. In 1929 my Dad took the Packard to England and Scotland to show off to the folks back home. We have the RAC membership card and license plates from that trip. We remember Dad stating that his Packard was the first automobile to climb the hill to Edinburgh Castle in high gear! Back home, the Packard was the first to climb Ballards Hill between Sumter and Camden..obviously a powerful car that Dad enjoyed driving and putting through its paces. During the 1930s, Dad refrained from driving the Packard too much, thinking that it was a bit ostentatious given the hard times many were suffering during the Depression. When my Mother was driven home from the hospital after the birth of my sister in December 1936, she swore that the next time she came home it wouldn't be in that drafty Packard Phaeton with side curtains! Thus the 1939 Chevrolet sedan joined the family when my brother was born that March. During WWII, the Chevrolet was much more practical due to gasoline and rubber rationing, so the Packard saw very few miles for many years. In the late 1940s/early 1950s, parts for the older cars became more difficult to obtain, and maintaining the Packard became more of a burden. My brother Joe worked on the car and drove it to high school in 1955-1956. The expense and difficulty of maintenance, combined with my Dads illness, prompted the sale in 1956 to a Mr.. Cochran of Greenville, SC (for $337.50) who very shortly thereafter sold the car to Mr. Jake Nelson for $600. Mr. Nelson was a prolific collector who had over 90 antique cars in his collection when he died; our car was sold at auction in 1990 to Mr. Henry Yeska of Nazareth, PA for $47,000.

Mr. Yeska has told me that he got the car running, replaced the tires, and did some minor cosmetic work on the car. He sold the car to Mr. Tony Karas of Chalfont, PA in January 1991. Mr. Karas did some additional work on the car, cleaning up some old, poorly done paint work, and replaced the top. He drove the car in a number of rallies and shows, including the Packard National Meet in Dayton, OH in 1996. Mr. Karas sold the car to Mr. Jeff Bayuck of Nazareth, PA in March 2003.

In December 2003 I was corresponding with Mr. Bubba McElveen, former Pontiac dealer and mayor of Sumter (Mayor Bubba) and told him that we had lost track of the car and would love to find it again. He contacted Mr. Ron Shelton, former curator of the South Carolina State Museum in Columbia, who contacted Mr. Paul Ianaurio (Greenville/Spartanburg) who immediately knew that our car was the one that Mr. Nelson had in his collection..Paul had tried to buy it at auction, but was surprised it sold for such a high price. Paul subsequently contacted us and after a few months of research and phone calls, he let us know that he had located the car in Pennsylvania.

We were very fortunate that the owner, Mr. Jeff Bayuck, is a very nice person. He invited us up to see and drive our old friend, which my family (wife and two children and my brother Joe) did in June 2004 We were excited to see the old gal, still running like a top after 75 years! It has never been restored, and still had the original upholstery and the wooden drivers side running board that my father had installed in the 1940s. Jeff took us for a drive in the Pennsylvania countryside, and even let us drive his/our Packard, which I had never done since I was too young to drive when we sold it. What a thrill that was! When we left, I asked Jeff to contact us if he ever wanted to sell the car (which he didnt at the time). Much to my surprise and delight, about a week later Jeff called me and said that while he liked the car very much, to him it was just an old car and he could see it meant a lot to us. We very quickly agreed on a very fair price, and we were soon re-united with our fathers 443! After much research and the strong recommendation of Paul Ianaurio and Dr. Jerry Greenfield (collector in Seattle, WA area), we shipped our Packard to Murray Motor Cars in Monroe, WA in September 2004 for a complete frame-off restoration. We are anxiously awaiting the finished product, which we should receive in September this year. Showing our 443 at the Hilton Head Concours as her debut is exciting, bringing her home to South Carolina. After the Concours, we plan to take her up to Sumter to re-introduce her to many people there who still remember when she was a regular on the streets between our house and Dads office at the furniture plant. Mayor Bubba will look great riding in the back seat waving to his constituency!

We are writing this story for THE ITEM, but as it is long may not get it published ---so sending it to you all for the enjoyment of your memories of old cars in the Sumter you enjoyed. Anyone remember Mr. Huggins car that had Heaven or Hell written all over?

Just read your column and I certainly do remember the Iris Parade of yore. Parades always fun for the children and a wonderful outing for the entire family. *** Need eBay help, please. As I have recently moved back to Sumter, I have lots of nice things I would like to sell and am looking for someone who will do this for me for a percentage on eBay. Please have them call me at 803/773-3403. If answering machine not working, call my cell, 850/544-1711. *** Thank you. Le Whitney.

Mayor Bubba,wanted to let you and your readers know that Ron Smith, County Director for the Department of Social Services in Sumter,will retire on May 2. Ron has led his agency well and we will hate to see him leave.

If you have space this week, perhaps a good "plug" for the Sumter Smarter Growth Initiative would help us move to a successful closure of our $2 million campaign to help move Sumter forward. Hope Sumter's local readers saw the great article and editorial in yesterday's "Item". I am always open to calls from those wanting to be part of this exciting movement....... and I'm at 774-2160, or 418-0700 at the Sumter Development Board.

I'd like to invite you to join our Wednesday, May 3rd, special breakfast meeting ....... at 7:30 am at the Black River Electric Civic Center..............

Mark these dates for May 25 thru May 29. And then the next week end Tour of McQuage (McLaurin) house at 208 Salem Ave. Will help them with this.  Tickets 10.00. Lunch on Sat. for additional. More to come. Friends of Swan Lake is on May 18th at 5:30---usually draws a lot of folks---Tempest at American Legion hut tonight Bill Lane on the 6th

Dear Bubba - In your last newsletter there was a mention of 'where was Dimos Restaurant' in relation to the old Sumter Theater. C. Holland's message was about the Mayflower restaurant being next to the police station at the front of the theater and then moving. While doing research and the use of many old photos folks loaned me, Dimos must have taken the store the Mayflower vacated. In my print "Main Street, Circa 1951" I have Dimos Restaurant next to the police station and heading north is Holland Office Supply (both in the old Rogers building) and then the optician. This was the way Main St was when I moved to Sumter late 1950. Hope this is some help. Ray Davenport ---

Bubba, when I was at The Citadel and in the band, we came up one year and marched in the Iris Festival parade. Joe McElveen

Mayor Bubba, since the Iris Festival is fast approaching, I thought people might be interested in knowing that in the May 2006 issue, on page 44 of the Southern Living, the Swan Lake Iris Gardens is featured. There are pictures and info. Good article they recommend Seasons as a good eating establishment.

Good news from a very grateful John and Virginia Jones do not have to go back to Doctors for 3 months. Daughter finishing college and Son John is engaged to Hayes Edmunds (Cricket & Randa)---God is good to all of us Praise him---Cile Moise moving to Atlanta will leave a big hole in Sumter more information later. Ray Johnson retiring at 1st President know how we will do without him Love from 208

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Love 208

The Purdy Street News-Love from 208 Saturday April 22, 2008 Cool & hot
Dear everyone

Some days have been on the cool side and others are just downright hot. The big thing we need is some rain. Flowers are just beautiful and continue to be this way. Just know that the Iris Gardens will be beautiful the last of May and will attract a lot of visitors nothing in the paper yet about the parade. Reporter from THE ITEM came by the archives and we looked at some of my files. Brought back a lot of good memories and what a big thing the Iris Parade was years ago. Sure was a lot of community effort by business, clubs, organizations of all kinds. And I always enjoyed the bands---we used to get them from everywhere, including the Marine, Navy and Army Bands and some others. And the Sumter high band always made us proud. Schools say the Iris Festival is too late for them and wish it were not I just like marching bands. Do not have anything on the Parade as sponsored by the Shrine Club went to this one last year, but my friend Joe Summerour chose not to enter his Model T Fords so guess I have driven them for last time. He keeps me posted on all the festivals and parades where he goes and has a good time. He also goes to a lot of car shows.and as he enjoys this sort of thing he is now rebuilding a Model A Ford. Have heard from the Logan Brothers about their 1928 Packard it will be ready and will be here this fall. If I have room, I will add this story in this message.

Before I leave the weather we have heard from our European Bureau Chief with this report from central Europe: Dear Mayor Bubba, I wish you and your family Happy Easter and hope you are still feeling well. Weather over here is still cold. We had a long time of winter weather with a lot of snow. Now many towns at the river Elbe fight against the high-water level. Thanks again for all your news. God bless you. Wishing you all the best, Yours Joachim(Hamburg, Germany)

And this message from David Kane in California he writes every once in a while as he wants to stay in touch with Sumter: Hi Yall! The website below is really nifty and just a cool thing to share with grandkids and others. I hope you get a kick out of it. Its harmless and not a download, so enjoy. Happy Easter Everyone! Take joy in knowing that Sundays comin! Praise the Lord! Blessings to yall from David and Patti Caine out here on the Extremely Left Coast. PS:  Since we were out for the reunion a couple years ago, I took up a new version in my hobby of woodcarving. No, I'm not near as good as Grainger (God, I only wish!), but if you'd like to see some of my work just click on this website: and browse around. The pictures are thumbnails.

Promoted to Glory this week around our time in High School was Marcy Maxy King he came from a large family. Shorty was killed in WW 2, Cyril was behind us. Popular Gloria Ford was a sister. They were fine people and Maxcy was a quiet man loved to fish. Worked at Shaw for a number of years had contact with one of his daughters a year or two back she is a lovely girl. Think he had 4.  In his senior years he went over and walked the track at Alice Drive everyday---

While I was reading one of your few past letters, you mentioned about the Holland Office Supply store on Main Street. You did not know who was in the next door store. The Mayflower restaurant was in between the Police Station, the Sumter (Movie) Theatre and the Holland store. The family who owned the restaurant moved to a larger place just in front of the Court House, near to the SEACO Music store. Then moved their restaurant to the corner of N. Main and E. Canal St. This restaurant closed several years ago. Message from C. Holland---thanks Charles. I cannot remember this. Where was Demos, anyone?

Dear Mr.. McElveen, I belong to a support group of mothers who have lost children. We meet every Tuesday at Wise Drive Baptist Church at 7:00. Would you be willing to mention us in one of your newsletters? We are trying to reach out to mothers in and around our community who have lost children and could benefit from a support group. Let me know. Thank you! Patti Crawshaw---Bubba note---God Bless all of your Group.

Sumter seems to be the music city of S. C. and by its own. When "The Tempest" play they are doing a new song written by Warren Moise. You will not want to miss this one! Mayor Bubba: A reminder that "The Tempests" will be performing at the old American Legion building, 28 Artillery Drive in Sumter on Saturday, April 29 for a party/dance. This event will be similar to the one held last June where many friends gathered and had a good time. We hope to see everyone again this year. The doors will open at 7:30PM, the band should start around 8PM, and the dance ends at midnight. All tickets will be available at the door for $10 each. If anyone needs additional information, they can contact Gantt Williams( or 481-1335), Waverly Williams( 968-1634), or Bryan Hatfield( Thank you for communicating this in your newsletter. Gantt Williams

AND THIS ONE WE WILL ATTEND---ALWAYS A GOOD TIME! Gathering at Billy Lanes Barn on May 6th. You know the time and place.  See you there---

Mayors Prayer Breakfast on May 4th at 7M. H. Newton Family Enrichment Center on Manning Avenue.  Always inspirational. Good speaker, good fellowship..price is $10.00

You have never seen such a joyful Easter as we had at 1st Pres. Was the first Sunday with Dr. Mark Durrett. Both services were sell out. He was just wonderful has beautiful wife and 3 sons all were introduced---excellent sermon and this sent to me:

I drove over to hear the new minister and thought he was great. I do like one with a sense of humor and he certainly has that!!!I enjoyed seeing some old friends altho' a lot of them had attended the earlier service including our family And the McElveen family went to early service but yours truly went to second one What a blessing for us at 1st Pres.

Have been trying to catch up with Whit Whittaker as he has quit clearing up the lot where Hampton Apartments were for many years (built in 28)just a big pile of debris just now. Old back of Rex Theater that was Ryttenberg store is gone. Bottle collectors did not find much ---or maybe they will not tell what they found. Wall and attractive front on the old Shelor House on Calhoun it is red brick.and another attractive fence has been added to old Masons (Dr. Charlie Whites) Dear Mayor Bubba, Hope you and Miss Barbara are doing well. I love I wondered if you had seen the new fence going up around Dr. Lovice's property. The property is gorgeous already, with the big house, lovely pond and flowers all over, but the new fence really adds to the classiness of the place. It's one of my favorite places to pet sit. By the way, if any of your readers need a good pet sitter, I am always taking new clients! Hope you have a wonderful spring and that the weather stays nice a while longer before the summer heat sets in! Cathy Powers. Thanks Cathy went by and she is right this is really pretty have always loved this pond since I was a little boy and we would play near there. It froze over in 36!

From time to time, I recommend that you try See Weeps in Charleston the wait staff does not know me but the owner does. This is an excellent place to eat..She crab soup is some of the best.and seafood out of this world---one of my subscribers went on Saturday night.1 hour wait, so call ahead and then Corky Lynn says Bubba, we were in the Charleston area for a few days last week and made the trip to See Wee to eat seafood. Very rustic but really good food. We had the seafood platter ...shrimp ,flounder ,oysters and sides and came away stuffed. I mentioned your name to a couple of the folks there but it didn't ring a bell and I got no cut rates. I mentioned that you had plugged their restaurant in your weekly email to several thousand folks and they were happy to hear that. We have not been to Charleston for a while. Hyman's downtown also has good Seafood.
Eye operation this week.spoke to a seniors group on Friday and have one today---so staying busy. Miss Barbara had family over for Easter.not all gone yet so I have eaten well this week.

Sorry I did not have space for the Logan Car story.sister Agnes was class of 54, Joey 57 and Gordon 64.send me some news.all we can send now is greetings and a lot of love send some back thank you and God Bless---you are his and he loves you..pass it to others---you will get it back ten fold.

Love from 208

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Fw: Love 208

Saturday, April 15. 2006 Spring

Dear Everyone,

Spring is at last here and this is Easter Sunday week endso you can start planting your garden now. Be sure and plant some good tomatoes and let me give you an order right now for some that are vine ripened. This is also the time for the Rotary Club Vidalia onions(thanks every year to Charles McCreight for these!!!)I am sitting here and can taste them just thinking about these sweet onions. Miss Barbara usually cooks them with a bouillon cube.just does not get any better than this. Some years we do not have good tasty tomatoes and then some year they could not be better. I will keep you informed as to when the farmers market opens up at the Fair Groundsand on Manning Avenue.the one on Manning Avenue has not attracted a lot of people.but think it will be in its third year so it should be well established. I always enjoy the one at the is a visit with me and the produce grown all over---and especially from the Gable area---seems to be best of all. Last year the Flowers from Summerton did not use this Market.but look to hear from them as to what they might do this year.

Right now, plants are being featured at Bradleys but Simpsons will be full of peopleboth big Simpsons and Liberty Street Simpsons.I just like to sit and watch everyoneit is a good place to see your friends and get some expert advicefor some reasonI do not know the folks that shop at Lowes or Wal-Mart---but see a lot of old time Sumter folks at SimpsonsBradleysand the market beyond Second Millbe sure and take your time no only to pick your plants but to get good adviceand with me it takes a while just to visitAs it is closer to me, I most of the time, shop on Libertyknow everyone there---and they know what I likethe cheapest and bestBetty in there worked in Clarks when it openedso we talk about this old store on Broad Street./.Sumter (and I guess other places) have a lot of lawn care folks nowall seem to do a good business as all seem to be professionalsfor us older folks it is wonderful.Purdy Street is a neighborhood of lawnacholics and it is a struggle to keep up.and on Purdy Street Miss Grace Dibble Boyle will host her annual Easter Egg hunt.guess it will be special this year for her as her grandchildren will be participants.across the street Meg and
Tommy Player have moved to a new homewe all thought the house was sold.but now see the signs on this residence again.and down the street the old George Levy home is undergoing a make-overdo not know the new ownersthis has always been a pretty home but in the last few years it has needed some Tender Loving Care.always think of Mr. George Levy---outstanding Sumter Lawyer and outstanding in the establishment of the American Legion here (baseball etc) By the wayI have done a good many articles on the previous owners of the property where the Sumter County Courthouse is now located (owned by the Solomons ---the courthouse will be 100 in 2007---in going through my files, I found that the Sumter Bar has not had a picture taken since about 1990time for anotherso have contacted them about this.Oldest practicing attorney now is Morris Mazurskythink Ramon Schwartz would be next (little known fact---our speaker was a Gamecock football playerwas good extra point kicker when re returned after WW 2)..think maybe MM Rusty Weinberg may be next senior in linebut am not sure of this?? While we are on this subject---Judge Howard King and Judge Marion Myers will retire this year---George (Buck James will be appointed in Judge Kings placeother Sumter Judges are Family Court Judge Jeff Young and George McFaddinhope I have left out someone as then I will get a correction that we will pass on to youOne more piece of trivia.a Lawyer named Graham Moses (deceased) (raised in Sumterclass of 42 or 43!!!handled the first divorce one S. C. started allowing this after 1950cannot find my files --so if you have anything on thisplease share with usthe family court in S. C. is bigAlsowant to do some research on Clerk of Court Ray Blanding.he like O V. Player served 31 yearsin those days the clerk issued marriage licenses as Judge of Probate Miss Minna Richardson refused to do thisa practice started by her uncle who was Judge of Probate before she was electedMiss Minna was something else!!!

Sumter Orthopedic Associates (DR. Danny Ford & Dr. Kurt T. Stroebel) have opened at 115 North Sumterthis is the medical building between entrance to Tuomey and the 1st Parking garagethis address was on the corner of Canal and Sumter Streetsoccupied many years by Dr. Murdock Walkerboth streets no longer exist as this cornerand more of Canal is history every day in the life of SumterTuomey Hospital was first on Sumter Street.then the address was Calhoun Streetand with expansion the address was Washingtonand now could be either Hampton or Mainthey continue to serve us well

One of the folks working for Tuomey in Admissions is Ernie Oxendine (for years Sgt. Ernie) of the S. C. National Guardsome of you know him for his untiring devotion to the Gamecock City Cloggers..he brought a lot of happiness and good times to a lot of young and old.(he was good dancer)---now has taken up Line Dancinga big group of these folks were at Sumter@Six this past Thursdaymany had on same color T shirts Gamecock City Line Dancers---you never saw such a group having a good timeand they were joined by others.Sumter Native Tommie James (Second Nature) was the musicand anHank Martin was on program.really a nice timewell attendedthis program has been a success.

Here is another successful program for Sumter----needs you to participate: Dear Mayor Bubba, Sumter County Keep America Beautiful is sponsoring a countywide litter cleanup - Pride Weeks 2006. Thanks to Palmetto Pride, and the City and County of Sumter, we are offering $8000 in prizes to the groups that do the most in their categories. Some categories are spiritual groups, youth groups, college organizations, civic/business, neighborhood associations, and also many art contest opportunities for 1st-12th grade schools. We supply bags, gloves, and vests and will collect and count the bags filled with litter. This is for litter on roadsides and vacant lots - not household or

backyards! Pickups should be scheduled between April 15-29. For those who love our beautiful outdoors, we are having a cleanup at Manchester State Forest the morning of April 22. We always have lots of good spirited airmen and airwomen joining us and staying for the picnic that day. And everyone gets to eat pizza with us at the big closing celebration, April 29, at Dillon Park. Call Clemson Extension at 773-5561 to register. It takes all of us to beat this litter problem. Thank you for your love of our country

Amanda McNulty County Extension Agent Keep America Beautiful Director

Enjoyed your story about the canoe trip. I was pleased that the Item did print it. Please mark May 18 on your calendar. That is the spring Friends of Swan Lake meeting and I think it is at 5:30 but you will get a newsletter before then and can check the time. See you soon. Sunday should be a glorious day at church.Winnie Gee. This is a well attended meeting and fun good programs and gives you a good feeling to know that you are a part of Sumters main mark your sure and join also!

Promotion to Gloryclass of 45---Dear Mr. McElveen, I am very sad to inform you that my father passed away on Sunday March 26th at 9:17AM in his bed here at home. He was buried in Seneca S.C. Next to his mother and father. Sincerely, Joan Stanley Boswell ( I think Jack spent some years in the Air Force and then taught at Clemson---enjoyed him as a friend when we in the 1st through graduation)also noted in the newspaper that Kenneth Reese was promoted to glorywas at Covenant for a number of yearssiblings were Richard, Harold and Rhidona --shared a number of pictures that he took during his many years at the Sumter Post Officegood man---

Enjoying some discoveries as old Ryttenberg building is being removed---1st Pres Kindergarten is 60---they are looking for some of you old folks that were is first class---What happened to the beautiful Magnolia Trees at Bank of America on Liberty???Seems to me C& S took great pride in theseagain what happened ???

Thanks for the many calls we had about our articles on the Canoe Trip from Swan Lake and Spittoons.most I have had in a good while. WE continue to get settled in at the Museumhave to have cataract removed week after this next onewill then decide what to do about the mail. As you all knowtaxes this week endand a real important one for us at 1st Presbyteriannew minister will start on Easter Sunday.this is a new beginning for all of us every yearas it is the day for us Christians as Jesus rose from the dead ---he taught us To love one anotherhope you will go to your church services and celebrate wit people all over the worldif you see your familytell them how much you love them,--

Love from 208

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Love 208

The Purdy Street News Love from 208, Saturday April 8, 2006 We need Rain
Dear Everyone..

We need rain and this is on the weather report each and every day. It seems this has been a real dry spring with rainfall being short nearly 3 inches for March. Watched Making it Grow with Rowland Alston, and they say our trees, shrubs, etc will really suffer from lack of water unless we get some pretty quick. But it does not look that way with the beauty of Sumter just now dogwoods are in almost full bloom, both white and pink ones.

We have a cherry tree that looks just wonderful, and of course our azaleas would rival those that you see at the Masters. The ones in Augusta most of the time are about a week ahead of the ones here at home. Sorry I mentioned the Masters as I would sure like to be there once again sometimes. Have driven in Swan Lake a few times lately took a good look at the new greenhouse and was hoping I could give you all some is located on the east side of Swan Lake follow, Garden Street---turn left at the Heath Pavilion and it is just behind this you can also see it from Oakland Avenue if you go that way. (While I think of it---for you all that live away--the old time big pavilion at Myrtle Beach is going to come down it means a lot to many ---it was part of our growing up---but of course Myrtle Beach has always changed every time you visit)

While we are talking about Memories there are many things in the downtown area that are now gone or going. Finally caught up with Kell Compton at the building just north of the Opera House. In the 30s-40s it was Rogers Grocery Store. And then there were a couple of businesses here one was Holland Office Supply and cannot remember the other one.and of course Legrand Optician is gone the whole little building. You cannot see it from the street just now, but the building on front will be nothing like it was in your memory it will have a curved front it will look real good and fit in with the new downtown. This building has two floors and doors will be cut so that you can gain entrance to the Opera House some alterations will have to be made as the second floor on both buildings are not at the same level. Kell says a conference room will be on the front that will be one of the prettiest in Sumter---and of course you all know that the Uptown Deli will be the next door Have not heard what might be done with old Burns Hardware.

While you are thinking about the theaters of the past think about the Rex as you approached this one to see the Cowboy and Indian movies---you could come up the alleyway to get on Main Street.well, just passed there and the back of the old Rex is on the way to the landfill. It will not look the same ever again. Told you that this removal will extend out to Liberty behind the old Bank of Sumter. Also being removed is the old Library (1968) as the new one goes up. And also downtown, apartments are getting underway at old McElveen Pontiac. And the new addition to Tuomey has started shrubbery & concrete being removed. Canal Street will soon be just the part that is north of the courthouse. And work goes on daily on the corner of Hampton and Main think I told you that I did not know the old Maxwell building has a basement understand some use will be made of this ----

The building beside McDonald's on Broad street will be the Sir Williams Tobacco store moving in at end of April. They were over by Colony Square building but this location suffered some fire damage so they moved across from Jones Chevrolet now. The new building will have a drive-in window---as does the smoke shop at Wesmark Plaza that was first occupied by a bank.. And while thinking about things out that way site work is getting underway on S. Pike between Progress Energy and the NBSC records center---do not know what it is so far.and as you travel out that will see that a big chunk of land is going to be offered for retail stores on the southwest corner of S. Pike and Wesmark---this is behind the Staples store.

I did not realize that the old Southern Coatings building had been removed from across the tracks on Fulton Street this is very near old Williams Furniture that became Georgia Pacific.also behind Southern Coatings were the remains of Fulton Chemical Company had not been that way for a while, so did not know these old landmarks were gone. Have not heard any conversation on anything new for this area, and have not heard any industry news for awhile now.all the talk is on sub-divisions and the Army coming to Shaw

Last week we were telling you all about Faster Care here is an e-mail we got on this--Dear Mayor---First, let me thank you for your continued interest in Faster Care. It was a great pleasure to have you do the opening ceremony in June. As you have pointed out we are currently undergoing a 3000 sq ft expansion which is scheduled to be completed in Mid May. This will allow us to better serve the needs of the community, by increasing our outpatient testing, office space and the addition of a CT scanner. In June 2006 we will open up our outpatient imaging and lab services area which will perform blood tests, x-ray, and CT services ordered by patients doctors. We will continue to serve the communities Emergency Care needs as always. We are also adding another physician full time in August 2006. Dr. Eddie Meyers will be joining Faster Care from the US Air Force in Virginia. He is currently serving in Iraq and will be returning to the states in May.

Thanks again for thinking of us and look forward to our new website which should be completed by the end of April at Brian Lecher, D.O.

President Faster Care, Inc-

I know you have been waiting for this information. On Wednesday of next week,

at two minutes and three seconds after 1:00 in the morning,

the time and date will be 01:02:03 04/05/06.This won't ever happen again for 100 years. Cool...and this on the time change: Good to get your email. Amused about the time change story. Back at the x roads when the time change began on a regular basis there was a family, the Nesbitts, who never changed their clocks for the new time. I can still see old Mr.. Nesbitt in his black pants and white long sleeve shirts with the arm bands proclaiming that "ain't no Yankee politician going to make me mess with God's time." He had little use for the "fedral guvment" as he would say.

Former Mayor Steve Creech has been selected to serve the national air force civil leadership committee this will strengthen ties between Air Force and community leaders---he was selected by Air Force Chief of Staff T. Michael Moseley a former commander of 9th at Shaw. Our congratulations to Steve and an old quote you boys are doing a food job. Thanks Steve well done!

Sorry to report the promotion to glory of Ron Mettetal (wife was good friend Bert)

Ron was always in tire business and knew him pretty good at Frasier Tire he was a real professional in what he did and was an excellent customer service person..took care of business. Bert and I got to be good friends as she worked over at McDuffie's. Ron will se missed. Hospital list would include John Jones. Tuomey and sick list would include Emily Moise---Gall Bladder.

ED Cuttino was at Washington & Lee in 39 40.played at Madison Sq,

We were interested in the Ravenel Bridge run in Charleston held last Saturday our interest was tweaked as our granddaughter Reese McFaddin was one of the over 45000 who entered to run this first annual over the new Ravenel Bridge Run.  Reese now lives in Charleston but has been running for a few years even in the big one in California. The Charleston paper had a number of finish times but print is small,  so I called Reese she says when you run you get a bib with a number that can be video taped or photographed but more importantly you get a chip that is attached to your shoe lace then this chip records your time when you cross the start line and again records your finish line time..Reese time for this 6!/2 mile bridge run was 1hr 11 min. and we found it in the paper. Called Billy Tisdale and he told me how to bring it up on computer then he clicked in Sumter (132 from the Gamecock City. The race had 18,135 females finishing and 15468 men---over 33000 doing best among Sumter men was Billy and Jay and Rick Jones other notables were Mayor Joe Melvin, Kipper Ackerman, Jay Britton, Kristi McInnis, E. V. Leventis, Bonnie Disney, Meg Creech, Wayne Elmore, Will Fort, Stephanie Heath, John Jackson, Susan Harvin, Stacy Horton and Susan Osteen, Dr. James Ingram, Jeannette Price, Mary Ann Reames---and many others (know I will get fussed at for not mentioning more of you all) You can get all of this over the web.

Some weeks I am not pleased with this letter today I thought I had a lot of news.nothing can match the news we Christians get at Christmas and Easter he is risen is the good news this and every year. What a gift from the almighty who loves all of us just as we are.  See you in church where you get a new beginning ---give this love away it will not spoil but you will have a fresh supply right away.

Love from 208

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Re: Love 208

The Purdy Street News-Love from 208, Saturday April 1, 2006 Cold??

Dear Everyone===

This is April Fools day----and you could fool me as to the weather. This is also the day ---or is it tomorrow that the time changes---we will spring forward to Daylight savings timethis will take getting used to again. We will have to go around and change all the clockssome of them, I have forgotten what I did last time. Thank goodness the clock on the computer changes automatically, and I have a couple of atomic clocks that are set from Colorado. I remember the first time that we did this here in Sumterit was during World War 2.and it sure caused some confusionsome did not believe in messing with timethe question was many times when meeting you want me there at new time orold time. Rainfall this year has been lower than many years, but Sumter continues to have a lot of beautyRemember the Iris Festival will be at Swan Lake on Memorial day week endwith maybe some new restrooms if they are ready.

Things continue downtown----the old Ryttenberg building on Liberty will be gone by the end of next weekwent by to look and drove through the little alleyway over that way just for old times sake. Most of you all will remember the Ryttenberg buildings as Willies Pawn Shop and the Philadelphia Shoe Shop (Haynes was further West)Willies had the three pawn balls out front(arr see HarryHarrys Pawn was further west ..Willie became best known for going fishing everyday---all were across from a wonderful store called Brodys and Silver Moon Cafaround the corner on Main next to the Opera House (old Rogers store) remodel continuesI have been by several times to see when and where the walls will be cut so that Opera House and this building will be open .floors are at different levels---so will be some steps. Work continues on old Maxwell Bros. & Blackwell---(Julians to you older folks) and Lawson Pharmacy(Blue Ribbon---Sumter Dairies)Windows are being put in places where the used to be a long time agoand that is true in almost the whole downtown area---some properties are changing hands---so guess we will see some new thingsI am also fearful we will lose some old timers in the process.over on Harvin the old Telephone building will be a transportation centerbut held up at presentso it is just sitting there. Also big new addition being added on at Tuomeynear emergency room ---will cover old Canal Street. Hospital now covers at least two blocks of old Sumter Street---and several blocks of CanalTuomey is like Myrtle Beachsomething has changed every time you visitright now there seems to be a lot of improvements for emergency carealways been wonderful for meand speaking of thatFasterCare that opened on the Shaw Bypass (just west of Loring Mill) appears to be doubling in sizemay have you some information by next week.out that way it is subdivision after subdivisionhouseshouses ---houseslot of work going on.believe someone needs to take a look at roadswater and sewerand city expansionLexington is annexing along sewer lines.guess it is legalCharleston area is growing---Mt. Pleasant is getting bigger as we writethis means they will be entitled to more representation in State Governmentanyway.let me move on from this and into our representationCounty Council has a new Chairmana black womanand vice chairman is also a democrat.

Business wiseit just seems that it is hard for a restaurant to be successful here except for fast food.just as you get to the Mallthe Mexican Restaurant has a sign Closed moved to Columbia.and then closer in Mr. Bs at old Big Jims---(Cathys) has closeddo not know what might occupy this---and over on the by pass in what some call restaurant row The Dragon has closed---the owners just retiredchildren are grownso they are hanging it up. Just west of McDonalds on Broad construction is underway---can see what looks like drive in window on sideso must be fast food or fast something??? Of course others will openbut talk has always been that somehow the market in Sumter is not for operators of upscale establishmentsyour editor has always felt that for us to have thesewe will have to promote more Touristsmaybe someone else will tell our vision people about thisso far as I can find we have welcome signsbut no Tourist Information signsguess we really do not need these

Mrs. Thomas Parker (little Miss Parker) has a new address---Covenant Place---

Carolina won the NIT basketball championship for 2nd year in row at Madison Square Garden in New YorkSumters own Tommy Hughes once played there for Dukeanyone know if Hillcrest High Ray Allen ever played there???

One of the biggest Funerals in our history took place this week with the burial of Marvin Scarborough---parking was at a premiumhe was buried from his home church

Jehovah Baptist on S. Harvinwe think that this is largest church in Sumter in terms of membership---two promotions to GloryOne was Joe BarwickEdmunds High 1944 .worked for Coca Cola for years and yearsa gentleman and pleasant fellow(knew his sisters also)and then Bob Davis sent us this one--- Mayor Bubba could you please mention the passing of Jimmy McLeod in Pinewood don't know if you knew him or not, or his wife Miss Polly, onebig wonderful family, 5 sons and 2 daughters, grandkids& great grands.

A rocket scientist from Sumter---of course--- Hi, Bubba. My brother, Courtney Ray, has recently received the Technology Pioneer Award from the U. S. Missile Defense Agency. A co-recipient of the award is the current NASA director Mike Griffin. Apparently they worked together on a program in 1986 called Delta 180. I may be wrong, but I think it was probably part of President Reagan's SDI (Star Wars) project. Courtney (Edmunds High class of 1961) is an engineer at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory and can appropriately be called a rocket scientist. I am very proud of him, of course. Andrena (Deanie) Ray (Deanies sister is Peachielives in Arizonais travel scientist---hear from her right alonggreat gal!

And this bit of news from my old institution THE CITADEL---2003 Wilson Hall graduate Taylor Senter, a member The Citadels Corps of Cadets, Lima Company, Third Battalion was recently inducted into the ranks of the Summerall Guards at the platoons traditional rifle exchange. Senter, a junior majoring in Business Administration, is the only Sumter boy joining the 06-07 Guards, while fellow Barons Brandon Scott Kinder and Tyler Campbell Gibbs with Dane Alexander Griffin, a graduate of Sumter High, are seniors who completed an outstanding one year tour with the Guards at the March 18th Corps Day exchange. Of course this gives me the opportunity to say that my grandchild Tricia Hanson was in the class with Brandon & Tylershe will finish Clemson this yearthis will be fourth in our immediate family to finish thereGood to get them old enough to not have worry about them at the Carolina Cup this coming week endthink that sports in South Carolina are really all about tailgatingunderstand some never see the horses and many attending football never see the field unless it is on TVbelieve it is this way all over the south and maybe the nation except in the cold states

It was a big week end here at Museumstarted on Friday.---attending this year was Sir Charles Kennedyhe was first with a royal title since Lord Cornwallis was at the Borough house during the Revolution. Many of the Kennedy Klan camesome had visited his castle in Scotland and been on tours.The Scottish games on Sat. at Dillon Park drew the largest number evermany were from out of townBorder collies (sheep dogs) were hit as alwayslot of pageantrywe furnished 40 or more flagsand moved these down to Brick Church for BBQKirkin of Tartans and a wonderful church servicethis church is 1850salmost like it wasin last couple of years a new building has been addedso now has indoor plumbingI just love all of thisand is favorite for the McElveen familyMusic was good for festivalthanks to Sumter County for support

Had a call from Columbia group---they want to come and see some of our history placeswill get involved in this---our Bus operator 3Ts (Thomas) is no longer hereanyone know where we can get a bus.

Was on a program for Tuomey Hospital this week.I was the history guy of courselots of pretty ladies.

Note to Tom Upshur who wrote in last week about a playhouse that used to be at the Upshur home on Church ---then it was on Haynsworth---came down in 1960 after being used for apartmentshave exhausted all my leads except for Horace Harby (now in Arizona)but some cannot remember this house.time passes on

Have been busy trying to sort out some of my stuff---and busy moving some of it from a storage unit I rentedguess this will take a month or soIt only takes a second to tell you God loves you---and we do also.

Love from 208