The Florida Landclass project produced a series of six files that update the default, rather bland, scenery in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 to an accurate rendering of the Sunshine State. As Joe likes to tell people, “You can take a road atlas and a low and slow plane like the Cub and navigate your way around the

The project was interesting in that Joe and Bob live in different cities in Florida and have never met face to face. The internet allowed them to collaborate using email and instant messeging to send versions of the files back and forth.

Bob downloaded all of the Geotif files for the state from the USGS National Landcover Database using the Seamless Map Interface.
He then converted the files into a format called .raw. These then served as the base that Joe used to update the urban areas to current conditions. Joe also helped choose the most appropriate textures from the Flight Simulator 2002 scenery library. Joe and Bob agreed in the beginning of the project that they would use no custom textures
for this project. They wanted to simplify the installation and make maximum use of the textures that are already provided with the simulator.

The web page created by Orlando Sotomayor was a huge help in jump starting the project. The overview page can be found at and the specifics at

The software package called Landclass Assistant created by John Cillis was invaluable during the project as it allowed an easy to use
interface for editing these textures after the major conversion was done. Joe and Bob used this to update the urban areas and to fine tune areas such as the Everglades and Lake Okeechobee. John was incredibly supportive during the project even modifying some features of Landclass Assistant for us. You can find John’s wonderful program at Avsim. I will add a link to make finding it easier for you.

Read Victor Knights review of our scenery at here.

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