Electricity Bills

People often ask how my solar panels affect my electric bills. My total cost of electricity for 2017 was $521.37. Here’s a chart from my utility that illustrates my monthly electric utility bills.  Note that my average monthly bill is $45.

If one assumes that the average monthly bill for a south Florida home is around $200, then I have saved $18,600 in electricity bills over the ten years my solar panels have been in operation. If one assumes that the average home’s bill is $250 a month, then I have saved $23,600 in ten years. Projecting my system’s operational life out to 50 years shows a saving of nearly $100,000.

New Mini-Split Greatly Increases Efficiency

I’ve been running my house using my new air conditioning procedure.  I turn off the central air for most of the day.  I run the Mitsubishi, high efficiency,  mini-split in my bedroom at night.  In the morning I run the central air for about half an hour to take the humidity out of the house.  It’s proving to be very efficient to operate this way.  Yesterday, the solar panels on my roof generated 94.26% percent of the electricity needed to run my home.  The days are the shortest of the year and many of them have been cloudy.