Barbara Brown Remembrance

I invite everyone to participate in remembering my sweet Barbara in their own homes at 9 pm, April 28, the date and time of her death last year.
It will be simple. My sweetheart was a shy person who loved the sanctity of her home and did not like being in the public eye. Respecting that I will conduct my own home ritual and will give all who knew her a way to participate wherever you might be.
I lost my dearest friend, the love of my life, my wife, Barbara Francisco Brown, at 9 pm on April 28th, 2016. As this anniversary of her death draws near I am filled with emotion and want to honor her memory and express thanks for the gift that she gave me, which was sharing her life with me. We truly had a 35-year long love affair during which we rejoiced in each day we spent together. I loved her with all my heart and soul and I know she loved me the same. We never let a day pass without telling each other, “I love you.”
I don’t want the anniversary of her death to pass without acknowledging the joy that she brought to me and to many others. So, I have come up with my own personal celebration of her life, and I want to give each of you a way to join in from wherever you might be.
At sunset, on the day before her death, I will light a Jewish Yahrzeit candle. Yahrzeit is Yiddish for “Year’s Time,”  We are not Jewish, but this act is a beautiful representation of the fragility of life. Yahrzeit candles burn for over 24 hours and represent the human spirit coming to light, flickering and wavering as conditions change, and then fading and burning out as life ends.
At 9 pm on April 28th, I will read aloud a letter to Barbara expressing my love and appreciation for the gift of her life with me.
I will again borrow from the Jewish faith and offer a traditional Jewish prayer for a deceased wife given at the anniversary of her passing.
I will end by playing our song, “You’re Still the One” by Orleans 
What can you do to be part of Barbara’s remembrance? Simple.
You can mark the date and time in your calendar and remember her sweet personality at that time or at any time on April 28th.
Or you could light a candle for her. Any candle for any amount of time. If you want to burn a Yahrzeit candle, they are available at most supermarkets in the Jewish Passover section.
You can listen to our song and remember how happy we were together as a couple.
You can add a post or photograph of remembrance to this event on Facebook.
I am inviting everyone to think of Barbara in their own way at 9 pm on April 28th. Say a prayer, look at her picture, think of her sweet personality. Anything. We will all send our positive vibes into the Cosmos for her at the anniversary and time of her passing. Thank you all.