Solar Roof

Our system was installed by Vergona Bowersox Inc. in Boca Raton. They are a small company dedicated to installing cutting edge solar energy systems. They have a solar division and are heavily involved in monitoring the latest developments in the field and have a background of experience in designing and installing systems ranging from residential to commercial sites.

We were very pleased that our roofing contractor, AMETCO Roofing of Lake Worth, Fl., and our solar contractor, Vergona Bowersox, have worked together closely on our project. AMETCO sent their top guy over to inspect the photovoltaic mounting hardware. We are happy that our project has led to a working relationship between the two companies. That can only benefit consumers in the long run.

Here is a shot of our roof with all of our solar equipment installed. Kite aerial photo by Bob. For more KAP photos you can visit Bob’s Flickr site here.

The system consists of 22 Sanyo HIP200-BA3 200 watt PV modules, two GVFX-3648 inverters, two MX-60 charge controllers, and 8 Concorde PVX-2240T backup batteries. Click any photo for a gallery of images taken during construction.

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Two GVFX-3648 inverters, two MX-60 charge controllers.

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8 Concorde PVX-2240T backup batteries,

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